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Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Casino Games

Casino gambling is one of the most popular activities in the world that generates billions of dollars in revenue worldwide. Mysterious and exciting, casinos are full of fun things that make them a favorite of tourists and gamblers alike. But even if you are a veteran casino player, there are some interesting facts about casino games that you may be unaware of.

In this blog, let’s look at seven lesser-known facts about casinos. These seven facts will not change anything about your next game but will add to the fascination you have for all those glamorous casinos that films show you.

More than 1/4th of World Population Gambles

It’s estimated that at least 26 percent of the world’s population is involved in casino gambling, and as many as 17 percent is indulged in online gambling games.

Las Vegas isn’t the Casino Hub

Contrary to what the movies tell you, Las Vegas is not a haven for casino enthusiasts. That title goes to Macau in China, which churns out bigger revenues than the Las Vegas casinos. Interestingly, Macau happens to be the only place in China where gambling is legally allowed.

Roulette is the Devil’s Game

If you add up all the numbers on roulette, it totals up to 666. The number is termed as the ‘Beast’s Number’, and here’s why roulette is termed as the devil’s game.

Penny-Slots are a Big Deal

Penny-slot machines may seem like harmless gaming boxes that are there for fun only. The truth is that penny-slots games drive a major chunk of a casino’s profits as many people who can only afford to bet a penny fancy a game at these machines.

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Casinos are Keen on Free Services

Casinos really don’t make up money from room services, meals, or other modes that hotels profit from. So if you are a regular in a casino, they will shower you with free meals, rooms, gifts, and services to ensure your presence at the table. After all, that’s where you’ll be most profitable.

It’s Legal Only Online

Unlike the US, many countries bar their citizens from playing in casinos. In fact, in Monaco, which has the biggest casino, locals are only allowed to play online gambling games. If you are in a country where casino gaming can land you in trouble, head over to online casino games.

Online Casinos are Always Open

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