Crab King

Play the famous Crab King, an online Kraken sweepstake game where you can sign up to play and win big prizes.

What's Crab King?

Crab King is an online game that works on the US-based online sweepstakes system. For our online fish game customers, check out our new online fish games. Download Crab King for a great winning experience. All our Blue Dragon games are a must for everyone. Do not hesitate to sign up; we assure you the fishes won’t bite.

What’s Crab King About?

Crab King is one of the latest mobile games you will be able to download on our Blue Dragon Sweepstakes software. Crab King allows players to dive into a world where they are in combat and can interact with characters. All these characters have excellent animation, and the game’s visuals are a treat for all fish game lovers. Crab King game also allows players to use their skills to win the game.

What’s the Game’s Layout?

Crab King is perfect for those who want to find an easy-to-understand game and win exciting prizes. All players can keep track of their total points as they progress through the game. They can look at their total score while also using their points to win prizes and bonuses. They can also download other fish, slot, and bingo games available on the Blue Dragon sweepstakes. The scores for all other games are also available on the Blue Dragon app.

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