Tricks You Should Know to Win Online Fish Games

If you’re a beginner and want to try your luck with online games, you can always try your hand at fish shooting games like Poki. No, it doesn’t require you to be a pro; you can excel at it even as a noob by only following a few tips!

These online games are indeed the future and generate great revenue!

Let’s look at some strategies to help you crack the code and win fish games online!

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Take Small and Steady Steps

Well, it may sound cliché but trying to take it slow and shooting the small fish is the key, rather than trying to go after the big ones.

If you try to shoot the big fish, you might end up losing a lot more bullets, thus more money!

Hence, a better strategy is to shoot bullets and gain thousands slowly!

Don’t be Impulsive – Plan a Budget!

If you don’t want to end up feeling financially broke after the gaming night experience, decide a budget and stick to it.

Keep All Eyes on the Boss!

Yes, here’s the best part. Killing the boss doesn’t only help you gain more points, but there are also many more rewards and surprises. Killing the boss has a multiplier effect and kills the small fish nearby that doubles your points!

Strategize the Use of Algorithms

You need to see how the algorithm goes if you kill the bigger fish, which shows an excellent win. Keep an eye on keeping track of when the fish come out!

Fish Just Left Your Table? Shoot Them Immediately!

Be vigilant and immediately shoot the fish as they appear, and try to manage your speed throughout the game to stay on top!

Increase the Ammunition Amount Slowly!

You can shoot rapidly if you see various fish on your screen. This technique can help you increase the dying probability of the fish. For instance, if you kill two fishes, you also kill the third one, as per the rules.

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