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What Is Keno and Why Is It So Popular?

Dating back to ancient China, where it was played for the first time 3,000 years ago, Keno continues to be one of the most popular casino games to date. Simple, quick, and extremely fun, the game is also a popular choice for those who indulge in online casino activities. But why an old game of China is a hot favorite in the world? Read this blog to find out.

History of Keno

Many years ago in China, a ruler who wanted the public to contribute to building the Great Wall of China came up with the idea of Keno which was then called BaigePaio. As it happened, not only did the Chinese emperor manage to lure the public to play Keno, but its popularity increased as migrants promoted it to the other parts of the world.

In America, BaigePaio became Keno, derived out of French word for five, and became a favorite lottery game almost instantly. To date, Keno is played in casinos, online gaming zones, and even bars or parties.

How to Play

In a Keno game, participants are allowed to choose numbers ranging from 1-80. Each participant can choose up to 15 numbers in a round of 20. Once the numbers are chosen, participants note down their selections on a sheet and wage bets.

A dice or number generator then rolls 20 times like a lottery. At the end of each roll, the resulting number matching a participant’s selected number makes it a win. One’s victory and winning takeout depends on the number of matches and a jackpot if all numbers are a match.

Why is Keno Popular?

To date, casinos have Keno games hosted a few times every day, and the crowd participation is huge. Here’s why this centuries-old game is everyone’s favorite.

Simple and Easy

Unlike most casino games that require some sort of learning, Keno can be played with almost zero skills or knowledge. All you have to do is understand the basics of Keno within a few seconds, and you have the same level playing field as everyone else in the game.

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Better Winning Odds

To wage a bet in any casino game, one has to take into account the odds of winning and strategies. However, luck is all that matters for Keno players, and the more numbers you select, the better your winning chances. It’s actually that easy!

Minimum Risk

Unlike most gambling games, Keno offers big wins with minimum risks. That means that if you select eight numbers and all are correct, you hit the jackpot, but if not, you still get to win against the numbers that match. So if you only have one match out of 20, you’re not going empty-handed.

Social and Private

Keno is a game meant for introverts and extroverts. If you enjoy crowds and multiplayer games, Keno allows you so, and if you’re more into private one on one games, Keno can be enjoyed alone too.

The Fun’s Here

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