What Are Skill-Based Casino Games

Sure, luck and instincts determine how much we end up winning at the end of the day, but you certainly need to have exceptional skills if you want to feel like a champ during your casino night-out. A good skill set can certainly help you become the next Dan Bilzerian.

You can’t be entirely reliant on luck only, though. There are certain casino games that require you have exceptional skills. Let’s take a look at some of these!

table set for a poker game


Unquestionably, poker has to be number one on this list. It’s quite an unusual thing to break that poker requires ability. Only if you trust your gut, know the rules, know the body language, and are good with numbers will you be able to become a proficient poker player.

At some point, the game becomes predictable and in that case, it doesn’t remain a game of chance. So when it comes to online poker, it involves luck at some point, but it is indeed a game of skill.


Rummy, too, being a card game is a game of luck and skill. But it involves skill more than luck. Being a virtuoso at this game requires patience, practice, talent, good memory, and eagle eyes. With these many requirements, how can you say it’s all based on luck only?


Yes, chess is a skill-based game. But in this game, players don’t gamble; the audience does.  It’s called hitch-gamble. It is just like gambling on jockeys and footballers. The chess players are playing with their concentration, not knowing which move is gambled.

However, spot-fixing is not allowed and is considered illegal in the world of gambling.


Backgammon is a slight mixture of luck and skill. Only one part includes luck, and that’s the rolling dice.

The rest is all your skillset and expertise. If you get enough points on the dice and cannot handle them perfectly, it’s indeed a waste of chance. You have to focus on what you have and play with that in this game.

people playing poker

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