The Ultimate Gaming Playlist

We all live in a world where you only kick off your chores after putting on a song that matches your vibe. In today’s time, especially during the pandemic, online gaming with various musical backgrounds has increased by leaps and bounds.

And it’s time you play the right music while crushing it in your favorite online game. After all, music and online gaming are a ceaseless yet enchanting combo that is now facing the netizen’s hype! From hip hop to jazz to rock, we all need tunes that can bring out our unseen inner warriors to help us on our journey of victory.

It’s alright if you don’t have a shuffle of your own yet, but it’s high time you check out these 3 must-add songs to your personalized gaming playlist!

 man scrolling through a playlist on the phone

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

Are you looking for a song with a powerful fusion of EM? Well, this one is bound to get you all pumped up. The catchy riffs and the drum grooves complement all the online shooter games from Call of Duty to Counter-Strike.

And if you are into survival and non-linear games like Fortnite, this song is made especially for you!

Unstoppable – The Score

While most gamers refer to this song as the ‘goosebumps song,’ the headbanging tune and the form-shifting of the lyrics bring in the feeling of joy and triumph as ‘preparing for the battle alone is a huge achievement in itself.

This kind of song comes up when you win the grand slam during games like Timber Tennis.

Stronger – Kanye West

The ‘today, we fight’ attitude focuses mainly on the progressive rock pre-chorus and the bridge. It’s undoubtedly one of the most loved songs by gamers as it enhances their spirit to be competent while they jam to this signature track.

This one has several musical breakdowns that match with the missions in the League of Legends. Your experience doesn’t feel idyllic if you don’t get a load of this song while you are acing your game.

DJ playing songs on a tape

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